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PvP Legaal Versie 1.8+


We finally we reached a point where players are able to join the server. We removed the withelist and everyone is able to join. dont forget to download our recoursepack before entering the server. See you inside Aincrad.
resourcepack link

- Custom mobs
- Skill tree
- custom items
- shops
- quests
- working nervegear
- activating skills with combos (left,right,left)
- Companion pets wich help attacking
- Custom Music and Recoursepack


- Add more skills
- classes
- more villages
- daily quests
- mana
- fix permissions
- fix vanishing NPC`S

CHANGELOG 10-8-2015

- added Katana skills
- Fixed vanishing NPC`s
- Fixed spawn when logging in for the 1st time
- vendors are placed
- charge doesnt work
- when died u cant link again
- Mana doesnt work

CHANGELOG 10-10-15

- Fixed Permissions
- added companion pets
- fixed charge
- Fixed when dead u cant link Bugg
- Fixed mana bugg

CHANGELOG 10-13-15

- build first floor dungeon
- made some more quests
- 2 new villages
- Teleport crystals
- pets cant be tamed [Permissions bug]

CHANGELOG 10-21-15
- added cureency
- added auction house
- added custom crafting recipes
- added region titles
- fixed pets can now be tamed
- added 2 new villages

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