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Votes 750
Laatste stem Dawnjesseyjames
Status Online
Spelers 1 / 100 (34 minutes ago)
Uptime 34.57 %

PvP Factions Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8.8


Kemist Factions is making a come back we were down for about a year. We have a new map for you to explore by yourself or with friends on the server. We have a load of custom plugins on the server. There are Koths everyday and multiple envoy events everyday plus voting rewards. We strive to make a great experience for all players who join the server and great staff to help everyone. Come join us today

Server Plugins

- Koth
- Custom picks
- Diamond Rain
- Envoys
- Crazy enchantments
- Gen Buckets
- ect

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