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Survival Vanilla Legaal Versie 1.8.8


Here at SkyLakeMC we believe in having an immersive survival experience, while still having the ability to maintain serenity. This means that we dont want to take away from that vanilla experience. But we want to allow players to protect their builds from griefers and malicious players. Still interested Continue reading.
Server security: At SkyLakeMC, we will do our best to keep you and your posessions safe. We have plugins to ensure that any grief will be fixed all player chests will be protected, PvP will be disallowed and horses will be locked from other players attempting to steal horses.
Staff Members: Every staff member is manually selected, mature, friendly, and have vast knowledge of the commands and plugins. We dont have abusive, immature staff. Contrarily, all staff members play legitimate survival just like all players absolutely no items are spawned in. Feel free to ask any staff member for help anytime.
Player ranks: At SkyLakeMC, we added player ranks to the server. We believe that players should be able to progress through the ranks as they: show their willingness to help others, willingness to invest time into the server, along with portraying overall trustworthiness. Players who meet those conditions genuinely will be queued for a promotion upon agreement of staff. Our promotions do not give players the ability to abuse permissions, or give an unfair advantage over ordinary players we believe that would ruin the purpose of having a survival server.

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