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Survival Cracked Versie 1.3.2


πŸ‘‘ Mine of Thrones πŸ‘‘

A Minecraft server based on Game of Thrones war but in future. You have to choose your race and defend it. There are guns you might need to do that so grab one and fight for your race.

Server main information:
β˜€ Guns unlocks from 5th rank in game. You need to hard work to get them.
β˜€ There is no chest protection in this server. The only way to protect your items is to keep them in your residence.
β˜€ TOP 3 Parties will be awarded every month. Create one and be the best.
β˜€ In the spawn area there is a secret room where you can find ancient prizes. Find it and colect some rare stuff.
β˜€ We have a forum where you can find new friends and be updated with every server news. What are you waiting for? Join it.
β˜€ All other information you can find in the server by typing /info

πŸ”°Server IP:
πŸ”°Forum adress:

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