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Survival Factions Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8.7


Drug Cartel is one of the very few original minecraft drug servers that remain active. The aim of the server is to become to highest possible rank which is overlord. When you join the server you will be a civilian, you can then rankup to druggie. You can get a drug kit and starter kit you can go out into the wilderness and build your drug farm. Once you have farmed up stacks of drugs you can go to the drug shop at /spawn and sell them, but be careful there are police online who will try to jail you for having drugs and take your drugs away. Once you have sold all the drugs you have you can /rankup again to the next rank. The more you rankup the better perks you get, some such as the ability to create a faction, or more sethomes. We also have minigames such as Tnt Run and PVP tournaments that are hosted frequently. We have some amazing donator perks such as being able to fly or being able to use /hat.

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