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Survival Creative Skyblock Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.15.2


Hey YouBox is a server for you and me. Anything is possible do you have any tips for us let us know we look forward to seeing you on our server. We have all kinds of minigames including Survival, Creative, Quake, KitPvP, TntRun and many more but currently it is in heavy development. About reporting bugs -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Found a bug in our server? Just /mail, /tell or /msg a staff member. We really appreciate if you report a bug, so we can fix it. About apply for staff -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Want to be staff in our server? No problem but there are some requirements to be staff, like you have to know essentials, permissions and have experience with plugins, and you must be reliable. Isnt this something for you? There is also another function, builder. Are you really good in building? Let us see.d

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