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Survival Creative PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.11


TimrCraft is created on 10 april 2015, we want to be a unique server that is quit hard for a minecraft server, we learned a few things these years about hosting a minecraft server and how to make it fun for the people on the server, we hope you can enjoy your stay on TimrCraft with a unique survival, tired of mining?, weve got a machine called a "drill" that can mine for you., put fuel in it and it will go for your, want some rewards? you can do /ad for a advertisement video for 30 seconds and a rewards after the video, all the rewards are random so you never got the same reward.., want to protect our builds against "griefers"?, weve got a simple claim plugin called "GriefPrevention".. use a golden shovel to claim land., and offcourse weve got crates, when you vote on a voting website you got a crate key for items., and are you tired of building big walls in creative and wish you can worldedit?, now you can worldedit with VIP+ and VIP++., and weve got a unique hub parkour that creates a random parkour, you never have the same parkour.., and you can earn points from that parkour.
We want to be unique so weve got a custom world with custom landscapes, random houses and custom villages, there are many things to explore..

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