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Survival PvP Vanilla Legaal Versie 1.8.3


Welcome to Vanilla Isle:

Vanilla Minecraft with a twist, Yes the Server Host uses plug-ins but only for Admin and Anti-Cheat purposes,
Vanilla Is for players, meaning no tps, no Warps, no /sethome, no protections. If you like Those on a server,
then it may not be for you.

The Twist: (The World) is covered in Islands, With All the Diverse Biomes, which is also bordered at 30k in all diretions from spawn, (may grow larger in the future).
Since there is no Protection careful who you trust PvP and Grifing ARE ALLOWED. I Repeat, PvP and Griefing ARE ALLOWED....

HAX: The Usuall aplly --- DONT DO IT, Not fair to those who dont use them HAX = BAN. if caught, permenate BAN.

Other than that Come check it out for yourself, Have Fun & Run, There comming for You.....

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