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Survival Versie 1.4.2


About Server!

Beastmcservers was founded as there wasn\'t a server that had everything an epic survival server desired!


Server currently runs 45 unique plugins.


Create or join a Faction guild. Claim land where you base. Although your land is protected you will be under threat from other Factions. That can raid your base if they TNT cannon you base destroying chests/blocks. Make allies or enemies! Endless Minecraft fun!


After an epic RPG Minecraft experience? 11 skills to train and level up. Become the best and let other players fear you. It\'s an ever-evolving experience!


Earn income for breaking, placing, killing, fishing, crafting, enchanting and more!

PvP Statistics!

View you kills, death & kdr.

What to find out more?

Beastmcservers website has an active server forums, live tactical map, server shop page where you can donate for classes, perks or kits benefits! Information on Commands, the server and the boring Rules... Chat to players and apply for staff position. Vote for diamonds and top voter receives a free thank you rank upgrade!

Free [M] Member rank for joining the website.

Een website met gemaakt voor online servers zoals Minecraft!
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