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Welcome to FantasyWar..
A minecraft server community for any minecraft player.

FantasyWar is a pretty new community but we are already heading to the top.
We have started FantasyWar at 01022012 with a role playing server.
In this time there have been a lot changes and the server is getting improved every day.
We go for the best and good is not good enough for us.
We dont want to be the best to get high ranked and to be famous.
No, We do it for the players. Players are our first priority and all players are our kings.
We want to give you some great good managed servers.
And the best off all you dont have to pay or apply or anything.
You can just join right after you have read this.
FantasyWar will grow day by day and we will improve the server every day.
All servers are managed by a great and big experienced staff team who know what they are doing.
FantasyWar will never give up and only grow.

For more information you can head to our wiki or website.

Or check out this minecraft forum thread with lots of information.

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