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Factions Prison Legaal Versie 1.8


Legit Legends is a minecraft server with a amazing community. Our server is a growing and a improving server. We are a OP Prison server right now but soon to be more than just op prison. We are adding Factions, Survival Games, and others soon. On our server we have custom plugins witch makes our server different and better than other servers... We are always adding cool and fun things to make your experience better.

Server IP:

OP Prison on Legit Legends is a really fun experience to play by your self or invite your friend along and compete against them.

OP Factions Now Open.
OP Factions is a fun server to play with your friends. You can compete against other factions or you can team up with your friends and raid other peoples faction.

Our other servers such as Survival Games are coming soon so stay tuned...
For more information go check out our website.

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