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Survival PvP Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.7.x+


Hello best visitor.

The team of The Walking Dead Server is a very helpful team, and we try to give you the best Minecraft experience there is. We want our players to be happy, and enjoy what they do.

In our server you have to survive by gathering food, find weapons and survive the Walkers. But it isnt just the Walkers which are dangerous, but the other players can kill you too. Become friends or enemies, it doesnt matter. Find out what you think is nice to do and enjoy.

Ofcoarse you can donate in our server, but people dont have overpowered stuff in our server, because we think non-donators are equal to donators.

We are updating the map and (Custom.) plugins as often as we can, but that is not always possible. We hope to see you in our server.

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