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Survival PvP Cracked Versie 1.4.2


This is the Vault Wars Server. A hardcore faction war PVP server!
But what makes this server so different from all the others?
Vault Wars is indeed just another hardcore PVP server, BUT this everything with extra Fallout features. Everywhere around the world are Vaults hidden.
These Vaults are open, but they are also claimed as Warzone. Deep inside the Vault randomly spawn rare items once in a while. You can build forts around the vaults and try to hold it from other factions so you can use it as a farm for rare stuff.
The chests contain all sorts of rare items from highly enchanted weapons to golden apples.

But what if you don\\\'t like Fallout?
No problem! Like we said before, this is just another PVP war server.
The Vaults are just a small extra feature.

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