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Survival Creative PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.7.2



There are 4 portals on the hub that will bring you to 1 of our servers.
Join now:

Factions server
Build your own empire with your friends. Be the most powerful en richest faction of the world. TNT isnt permitted, so you can build whatever you want.

Survival Games server
Show your skills in survival. Search for items in chests, craft stuff and enchant your weapons. Fight against other players and the last one standing wins. Survival Games is a great game where you have to survive with the items in the arena.

Creative server
Everybody can build in creative in the plots world, but only in their plot or in the plot of a friend. Everyone can enter the plot world, donators can enter the flat world too. In creative you dont have to worry about getting killed or how to craft something.

Minigames server
Want to play some awesome games? Wanna play for a few minutes? Than this is the place to be. We offer a lot of minigames for everyone.


The server is 1.7.2
Server Network for optimal performance
Donation ranks for more fun
Economy system
TnT is not permitted, so you can build what you want
Dropparty twice a day
Enchant more than 1 time for GodStuff
Double enderchest
Get the head of your victim
Creative and Plots for everybody
Minigames server for hours of fun
We run minecraft on a private server. Not a host.
1000 mBit Port
99,9% Uptime.
And friendly staff. Dutch and English.

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