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Survival PvP Kingdom Mini Games Factions Vanilla Hardcore Sponge Prison Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.14.1


Welcome to WildPlex PrisonProbably the most competitive Prison server out there.Amazing season rewards and super competitive community.WildPlex is a server unlike any other, With a basis of prison, it creates a gameplay type different to most, as it combines many different game modes into one. The prison aspect has been altered as it has been mixed to create a sense of danger while mining, along with custom pickaxes, enchants, and bombs, allow the gameplay to be less grindy. Since 2012, WildPlex Minecraft server is built on a very simple but very effective core idea - that awesome gameplay should be the focus of development and maintenance. Weve gone through multiple maps, updates, and plugin sets, always trying to find that delicate balance of fun, challenge, and drive. Weve been around since alpha, and weve learned a lot.FEATURES:Ranks A-Z20 PrestigesCustom CellsMine BombsCustom Sell MultipliersFully Custom Sell SignsUnique Auto MinersCustom EnchantmentsServer IP: play.wildplex.comWebsite:

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