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The genesis of the server

The reason that we started is started with a good reason. We were really tired that we played constantly on servers that did not have good staff and had bad owners who did nothing and their server but did run for the money. So we are all together went to the table and we have decided to start a server with good planning and good finishes. Personally, we find that we do not have to ask for donations, we are of course important as each server that we have the server not quite alone pay for your pleasure but we do not draw suspicion that you pay for our fun (what happened to many servers ) So we started and we try to keep it just full.[/center]

[center]The staff[/center]

[center]We have a very experienced squad for the staff and we want the best for all players. We banish not fast but are especially warns the / Mutes or kicks. We find it important that each player fun on the server can play without problems.


We are people who are not easily eradicated. We find it important that people get their opportunities and that they can learn from their mistakes. I will mention just a list of things on which we really eliminate or why we hire.
Banning = Hacking, disrespectful, Racism, scold with cancer or really bad things.
Kicking = Swearing, spamming or doing tedious in the chat.
Muting = Spamming, Swearing, Racism in the chat or say bad things about the server.
Warn = We warn all above state. We think its important that you get another chance and you learned from your mistakes.


We do not ask for donations because we find it silly that we have to beg for money. We are, after all, no bums. And yes, we like it to receive donations to still pay for the server and partly to advertise to get more players. But we will never go begging for money.

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