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The Dyescape Network

Dyescape is a fun, small but very Friendly Towny/Factions/Skyblock server. We have both plugins and great players to make your time on the server exciting and unique. Our server is still very new, so all server worlds are very open and youll find an easy, open spot to live in.


Factions allows players to team up with each other, build and grow, and raid other factions. It is a very social game mode and also largely based on PvP. Factions has McMMO which is a simple plugin with a large impact it allows players to “rank up” their skills, such as swords for greater damage or mining for, possibly double drops. The skill progresses as you do certain actions or use certain tools.

We also use Auctions, which gives the players the opportunity to start an auction in the chat, in order to sell items wich they cant seem to sell anywhere else. These items can be anything, enchanted tools, player heads, anything. People can bid on these items regarding your custom auction settings.


Towny is a plugin which allows players to peacefully live together like a real village or even a city. With Towny, you can make your own Town, and claim land so it cant be griefed by other people. You can add people in your Town, and even sell individual plots which people can buy. That way you can add people to your Town, and have them build only on the plot they bought. The owner of the Town can set taxes, wich have to be paid in order to live in the Town. Towny is very economy based, and without money, you cant do anything. Towny also has the exact same auctions feature as Factions.

Classic Skyblock:

Skyblock is a minigame where you spawn in a small, floating island with minimal resources. The goal is to survive as long and as best as you can. This Skyblock plugin has achievements as well, wich means you wont be bored for a while. This server is classic, actual classic Skyblock. Our thoughts of classic Skyblock are: No shops, no economy. Classic Skyblock should be vanilla based, so you shouldnt be able to simply buy blocks. Why dont you try it out?

See you soon.

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