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Survival PvP Factions Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8


This server is a brand new server. that means its still under construction but you can now play on the server and i hope you will enjoy the server and invite your friends to play there :) please read all the rules.

No use of Hacked clients - Using hacked clients is giving you an unfair advantage, dont use them.

No X-ray mods / Resource packs - Using X-ray is giving again an unfair advantage.

Respect all users and staff - Treat others with respect, we treat you with respect by helping you, we expect the same back.

No self faction griefing - dont grief Factions you are added to.

Do not Advertise other Servers - We wouldnt advertise NoxPlox on your server, so why on ours? mentioning other server names is not allowed, as well as IPs

No offensive language - Swearing is not allowed, offending others also comes under this rules.

Do not write in full caps - WRITING LIKE THIS ISNT ALLOWED ON OUR SERVER, Dont do it.

Do not spam - Repeating messages on a server can get annoyed, we dont want this happening.

Do not abuse glitches (Report them insted) - Any duping, advantage glitches, or any glitches in general report them to a staff member.

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