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Survival PvP Mini Games Legaal Versie 1.8


The Darktower Server
is designed to be non-restrictive as possible while still holding true to the challenges of Vanilla Minecraft.
Im not trying to be everything for everyone by running a modded server. I take a minimalist approach. Minecraft is about creativity and we still have all the know-how to make and run games, teams and towns on our server... all without the pile of addons and problems that come with it... We have two, easy to learn and non-restrictive addons that add claims and economy to the server.
This addon allows players to claim land and protect builds
Allows players to subdivide their claims and form towns
Video on how to use this very simple but powerful tool
This addon allows players to create shops, trade and buy.
Allows for a safe and fair economy
A Tutorial on how to use the signs.
Thats it. Simple. The way Minecraft should be.
Come build with us.

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