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Welcome to McCity

We are a fast growing server with lots of potential.
Our idea is to start a real minecraft city and later on may even make it a country!

How do you join us?

1. read the rules below:

- no griefing or stealing
- listen to the friendly admins and moderators
- Only english talking and no swearing
- Only building within your on building area unless you\\\'ve got special permission (more info on our forum)
- No ChestShop on your own plot (We have got malls for that where you can place ChestShops)

2. Go to our server and have a look around mayby you\\\'ll even like it there

3. Go to our forum (at and place a plot request, as soon as an admin or mod comes online he will help you and send you a message

4. Enjoy building!

For more questions go to our forum (at
or e-mail us @ [email protected], [email protected] or, [email protected]

Plugins used in the server:

- world edit
- world guard
- permissions
- iconomy
- chestshop
- essentials

Server ip:

Hope to see you soon!

Admins form McCity

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