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Survival Legaal Versie 1.8


ChemicalCraft is a little server for friendly and kind people to play on as a community,
We want everyone to have a good time and have fun playing.
Feel free to stap by and check the server out, we dont ask for much just follow the rules and have fun.

The server is made by two players called Gameovergames and _Kubus2302_,
We already made another server before this one that was called FjossdCraft.

If you guys enjoy the server or have any questions please let us know.

Here are the rules:

[1] No Rasism
[2] Respect everyone
[3] No (client) hacks
[4] No swearing
[5] No CAPS
[6] No griefing
[7] Dont ask for OP/GM/Stuff
[8] Dont build random stuff/1x1 towers
[9] Speak English (if there are people from another language online)
[10] Dont spam

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