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Survival PvP Legaal Versie 1.8


Lone Haven is a vanilla 1.8 server that contradicts its own name by offering a welcoming and responsible community. Lone Haven respects other players opinions about the server, as well as accepting advice, help, and suggestions from others on how to improve upon the server. Lone Haven has eight essential rules that are just and fair, and that we like to stick by:

1. Keep swearing to a minimum.
2. Do not spam the chat.
3. Do not beg staff members for items or ranks.
4. Do not spawn kill.
5. No side mods or hacking is allowed.
6. Be respectful of other players and staff members.
7. Do not grief official towns.
8. Do not steal from trades that are occurring between players at spawn.

Lone Haven does not currently have a website. nor donor ranks.

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