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Survival PvP Kingdom Factions Legaal Versie 1.8


Greetings, Minecraft community.

Today I present to you SeethePvP (MC.SEETHEPVP.NET), a freshly-wiped Minecraft server oriented around Factions, (Underpowered) Soup PvP, and Survival. All ranks are accessible with in-game money. To become the best--an Emperor--you dont need to donate a penny.

Seethe has been in existence for approximately three months now, and much of our community has fragmented as a few prominent players have left to create their own rival servers, and so I believe it is time for a reset. The map has just been wiped clean.

New Server Builds
New, Custom Plugins
New Donation Packages
New Staff Members to be Selected
New Voting Rewards
New Rank Hierarchy

If you have any interest in joining a perfected, relatively small, friendly, Factions / PvP server, you have come to the right place.

Staff promotions will occur on the 20th of September, giving you plenty of time to apply and prove your worth.
Drop parties are bi-weekly, with one occurring this Friday.
A 25% sale is occurring on all donation packages. This is a great time to donate to get ahead of the rest.

So what are you waiting for? Join us.

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