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Survival PvP Kingdom Mini Games Factions Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8


DaddyErics MC has all the cool stuff

We Now Have Over 1000 Awesome Builds in the world.

Everyone has /fly until OCT 31

Want minigames, parkour, pvp, player heads, chest shops, and real estate all built into one?

We have it all and on one server, no switching servers.

We are introducing a Creative World as well with creative plots where you can get your creations moved into your real world plots as well.

The World like no other server
Get lots of creative ideas from all of the schematics that we have imported into the world, there are over 2000 of them to look at and find.

Treasure Chests - Tired of finding a dungeon and the chests are empty? we have treasure chests so that all of them give loot.

Get paid for your online time with in game money.
Buy and sell items from the adminshop or other users shops.
Buy and sell real-estate.
Find monuments that are located throughout the world and loot the treasure chests for items and money.

Enjoy Parkour, PVP, flappybird, and other minigames. We will be introducing more of them into the world gradually.

Block Hunts, and Special Events and HungerGames and such games will be held at least 4 times per month.

Things to do.
Factions, PVP, Mine, Build, Buy and sell Plots, parkours,

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