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Survival PvP Legaal Versie 1.8


Server Info: PVP, PVE, Vanilla Survival, 247 VPS Cloud Hosted WITH everything reset. MOB griefing is False, Keep inventory is False, and difficulty is Hard on level 3. However, we are not a hardcore server. This is now a challenge for you all because... we know you are awesome gamers..

So my admin and myself decided that we would open a Refreshed official vanilla survival server without cheating of any kind. Everything will be natural and original, with the spawn being moved around for fresh new land for all players to claim. We have no rules for anything, but we dislike hacking and chat abuse. As for grief and raid, we have nothing against them as that is part of the original game. If you want to play pure vanilla, this is the place for you. My server has been completely renewed with a brand new goal. There will be no admins helping you anymore, you must earn your items through playing the game properly. Teamwork is always better, so make some friends.

Have fun out there, and we will try our best to keep the server online for all to enjoy.

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