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Survival PvP Factions Legaal Versie 1.8


Hello Minecraft players. And welcome to Thermal Rush. We are a Factions/Raiding, PvP based server. We have great server hosting and have chosen a central location to host our server to significantly reduce or eliminate lag for players all over the world. We currently have 100 player slots, but we will raise it as we get a higher player average. We have friendly staff and help players as much as possible, however keep in mind that we are 100% legitimate so we cannot spawn items, or teleport you, ect. However, if you have been raided or killed in the Raiding/Survival worlds (Raiding/Griefing is prohibited in the Survival and Creative world) and believe your foe had hacks, or a hacked client, or even x-ray, in that case their raid/kill was not fair. If you contact the owner over Skype, or in game, he will help you to the best of his abilities, but you must at least provide the other players IGN and a detailed description of why you believe the other player had an unfair advantage, (Hacks/Mods/Clients) and the staff will keep an eye on the other player, but keep in mind, that we can only reimburse you of your loss if we can find proof of this players unfair advantage. We do have security plugins, but no matter how good or how many, there will always be some sort of hack/mod that slips through. If you have any questions regarding donations, store, rules, or anything else please add the Owner on Skype. The Owner is very busy, so please have patience with our server and staff as we are all very busy, we have lots of experience, but we still cant add hours to the day. Regardless, hopefully we will be able to avoid these issues all together.
Thank you, and enjoy. sincerely,
Thermal Rush staff.

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