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Survival PvP Factions Cracked Votifier Server Versie 1.8

What is Legends Legion?
We are a fun survival/PVP server consisting of many plugins such as Essentials, Voteifier, mcMMO, BattleArena and much, much more. We run these plugins from Spigot, keeping them updated regularly. We use a paid host, keeping the server up and strong. We are sure to show new players a helpful and welcoming environment and all players a fun time.
Who is the staff of Legends Legion?
The staff consists of PurpleWirez, NyanKay, Oreogirl7878, and PandaaaMinion.
PurpleWirez is the owner, the one who has worked hardest to bring Legends of Legion to the players. Shes the one who added all plugins and made most of the tweaks of the server.
NyanKay is the co-owner of the server, the one who follows behind PurpleWirez in building up the server for everyone. Not to mention how kawaii she is.
Oreogirl7878 is the admin of the server, monitoring most of the going-ons around the community, and has helped with plugins.
PandaaaMinion is the builder of the server, having built spawn himself, putting days of work into it and helping build up the server as well.
What can I do on Legends Legion?
There are countless things you can do here. You can survive with friends, or be a loner and survive on your own, you can challenge people to the battle arena for a fair match and equal items, you can decide to stay away from PVP and make your own Skyblock. You can even build your own Faction and survive to become superior.
Anything I should know extra?
One thing I would want to point out is that the spawn is still being finished by PandaaaMinion, but that doesnt mean you arent ready to have fun yet.
Kits, ranks, and donations are being planned out, and you will be alerted when all of that is ready.
Factions, mccore, and FactionsPlus are all being added.
We are hosted by the Node, server is 24/7 and will have little to no lag.
Our website can be found here with additional information and anything else you may need to know.
Click here to see our official website.

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