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PvP Mini Games Factions Legaal Versie 1.7.10


Welcome to Zurinthia Network. We are glad to have you on our server. This server is made for one reason: your enjoyment. While you are on this server, we hope you enjoy playing our different games. Play Zombies, and fight endless hordes of zombies to survive as long as possible. Play Kit PvP, and fight others in your quest to be the best. Start with a basic kit of weapons and armor, and fight to get more gear and money. Upgrade and be the best. In Factions, form a group of friends, establish a base, and become the strongest community on the server. Raid others, defend yourself, and fight to survive in a world of danger. Looking for something to relax? Try out Parkour Blitz, and race your friends up parkour, struggling to be the fastest among us. Looking to just chat with friends? Head over to the hub, and chat until youre ready for more. No matter what youre looking for, this is the server for you.

The Zurinthia Team

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