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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.3.2



welcome to the site of PrisonCrafters

IP =

We are an Prison server .

Dont know what an Prison server is ?

in a prison server you are convicted to prison
and to get out,you need to work for money.

example :
you start at Section C,
so you can mine stone,coal,iron.
you can sell that in the shop


Bannable Rules: These are rules that help keep our server running properly. If you are caught breaking them, you will be banned from using the server outright.

No hacks, cheats, modified clients, etc.
No disrespect or cussing.
No abusing glitches to enter restricted areas. Please report glitches on the forums.
No banned items, such as water of lava buckets and instant damage potions.
No smuggling goods from the “free” world back into prison.

Prison Rules (Not bannable): Prison guards may enforce these rules. If you are found to be in violation, a guard may put you in a jail cell for five minutes or even kill you.

No weapons or armor: These include swords, bows and arrows and all armor types.
No harmful potions: These include Slowness and Poison potions. (Other potions are allowed, such as Fire Resistance or Swiftness)
No fights (PvP): PvP is allowed on the server, and is active in many areas. Although if you are caught PvPing by a guard, he/she will punish the attacker to protect the victmin. If the attacker cannot be determined, both will be punished.

Guard Rules

The primary job of every guard is to protect and help the players.
A guard must witness the crime to punish, otherwise it didn\\\'t happen.
Guards killing prisoners without a reason must be demoted to a lower rank or even fired from the staff.
If a prisoner is caught with illegal stuff (weapons, armors and drugs) a guard must ask for them by counting down five seconds in the chat. If the prisoner refuses to take over the items, run away or attack the guard, the countdown is canceled and the punishmentą will be applied.
PvP (Player vs Player) is not allowed, and the guard must protect the prisoner that\\\'s being attacked. If the attacker cannot be determined, both players will be punished.
A guard cannot revenge. If a guard is killed by another prisoner, this same guard cannot jail or attack back. Although, if another guard witnessed this crime, the punishment will be applied as PvP crime.
During riots˛ the countdown is not necessary. The usage of this rule must be only to keep the prisoner\\\'s safety and the public peace.


Cost $0 (start rank)

Mine *stone,coal,iron*
Chop tree\\\'s
Buy cells
Buy in BlackMarket.

Co Cost $15.000

Mine *Stone,coal,iron,gold*
Farm melons
Buy bigger cells
Buy plots
Create shop in BlackMarket

Cost $30.000

Mine: stone,coal,iron,gold,diamonds*
Farm melons
Farm wheat
Buy cells
Buy Plots
Create shop in BlackMarket

Cost $75.000

Mine *Stone,coal,iron,gold,diamonds*
Mob Farm
Buy BIG cells
Buy plots
Create shop in BlackMarket

Cost $150.000

Go out Prison
Come back to Prison
Buy plots
Create shop in BlackMarket

Go to Guard App page to apply
access to wear armor and swords

Earn with good work as TrialGuard

Can jail
Can mute

Head Guard
Earn with good wrok as Guard

Can ban

a Sr.Warden need to rank you

Host rank CANT EARN

Guard App

Experience with guarding:
How long can you play on the server:
What Rank are you (NEED B-Prisoner):
Why do you want to be Guard:
How can you help the server:

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