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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.9.4


Welcome to Survival World. We are a small community with players that join from all over the world. There are no donator ranks/perks, as the server does not except monetary donations.

- World difficulty is set to HARD (not to be confused with hard-core).
- Protect your land using Grief Prevention.
- Have fun leveling up unique skills and abilities with MCMMO.
- Players have double the default amount of health.
- Armor stands are fully customizable with a gui on right click.
- Ever wish you could teleport around like an Enderman? Well, now you can with an Ender Armor set, just one of the unique armor sets.
- Spawners can be harvested with a silk touch pick.
- Emotes.
- Economy (mob killing) and server shop.
- Mythic Drops
- Creative World.
- Player shops
- Vote Crates
- Custom Enchants
Make friends or enemies, build, survive, and have fun.
Be considerate with caps locks, harassment, and spamming. Excessive use of swear words and insults may result in punishment and ban.

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