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Survival PvP Legaal Versie 1.6.4


We are a New Server Looking For Some Amazing Players And New Staff Members. We host a dedicated Server With An amazing Connection. We Try to Ban As Little Items As Possible To Ensure That You Have The Safest And Best Gaming Expience When You Join Our Server. So Join Now while the World is Fresh and Come Make it Yours.

Rules ============ 1. Griefing is allowed in unclaimed lands 2. Dont be a Douche 3. Do not spam the chat 4. Staff has final say. 5. Do not ask for staff/or ask staff to read Apps 6. Do not abuse glitches. instead Report them. 7. Do not make false Hackusations on other players without proof. 8. Enjoy the server. And spread the word.

Plugins ============ Towny Lwc ClearLag essentials GuiShop Worldguard RandomTeleport and many more to come

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