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Survival PvP Kingdom Mini Games Factions Vanilla Legaal Versie 1.10.2

Kingdom Craft - PVP/RAIDS/BvP/Fun

Come one, come all to our recently opened state of the art raiding, clans, soup PvP server. We have a range of activities for you to choose from. Why not start up a clan using /clan create? Its that simple. Band up with your friends using Clans (no friendly fire.), head off in any direction and start your secret base. Or simply play by yourself and ask to join an existing clan. Want to have some real raiding fun? Gain a clans trust, get them to tp you to their base, steal all of their stuff, retire from their clan and then use all the loot to start your own powerful clan. PvP players outside of spawn and heal your hearts using soup. Whether it be Mushroom soup, Cacti soup or Chocolate soup, youll have an awesome experience right here, on Yeti-Craft. Donate and get awesome perks thatll help you obliterate everybody on the server. Perhaps try out as a Trial-Mod and work your way up from there? Hackers on our server are infinitesimal as our staff do their job well. Enjoy a unique expierience here at Yeti-Craft with our superior blend of plugins and staff that make this the place to be. We have also added a very new feature, called BvP. (Bots vs Players.) - where you run around killing bots to gain a super secret prize at the end, its open all the time and will always be fun.


♦ Unique and friendly community
♦ PvP Soup
♦ Easy access
♦ BvP (Bots vs Players)
♦ Forums
♦ Donations
♦ And many more things to come in the near future.


Kingdom Craft was built by a group of friends who wanted to start a small-survival-server with a lot of ideas. After having place the ideas onto the Server, we have gotten a small community and wish to Expand it to its maximum. Bots vs Players is a once in a life time opppurtunity, where you get to win a lot of suprises at the end, who knows what youll win. Fancy the chance at playing on "Defend the Castle" - well now you can as a new game/event will be being added to the server after updating.


On the server we have divsed the best staff team that any server could offer, all working as a team. Were here 24/7 for any of your personal reports or needs. We never stop helping new comers and players on the server. At the current time we are: OPEN for staff applications and hope to see you apply soon.


Check out our forums for this, at

We hope you apply soon.)


We have set rules to maximize your gameplay, please follow and abide by these rules or else we may have to ban you (in serious cases) - Please notify us that you have read and understood these rules:

1. No griefing.
2. Swearing is forbidden as we are a child friendly server (however, swearing is permitted in the private messages)
3. Respect all the staff
4. Hacking is not allowed, this includes: Using a hacked client, X-raying and so on.)


We have a set amount of customized plugins to ensure your gameplay is fulfilled. For example, PvP Soup was installed to help players PvP better and regenerate health whilst PvPing. If you have any questions about these plugins, please let us know.


Our events are very fun and original, they occur every Saturday when an Operator/Admin is online. Please notify the admin that an Event is meant to be going on.

♦ Defend the Castle - a small gamemode where you have to break into the castle and steal as many goods as possible before Teleporting away to cash the loot.

♦ Bots vs Players (BvP) - we may hold small events with this gamemode, however this is used as a training method for not very good PvPers in the server. We hope you understand.

♦ Got a great Gamemode? Let us know and win a 30 day free trial of V.I.P on the server. (V.I.P includes 3 set homes, a kit and much, much more.)


We have made sure that by donating you get a lot more extras with your bargain. For only �5 you can get V.I.P and have a lot of features which include:

♦ A special Kit
♦ A nickname
♦ A prefix before your name
♦ Three set homes for any use
♦ A special V.I.P lounge for V.I.Ps.
♦ Ability to talk in colour.
♦ A special rank on the forums.

However, for a small upgrade you can donate for V.I.P+ you can get a lot more extras, for only another �5. Meaning all you have to pay is �10 for a great thing, of course include:

♦ 5 sethomes,
♦ V.I.P extras
♦ Another kit (including the V.I.P kit.)
♦ Another kit for V.I.P use inside the BvP Arena.
♦ A nickname
♦ A prefix before your name
♦ Ability to talk in colour.
♦ A special rank on the forums.


Our server is no longer whitelisted, feel free to join when ever.


Server name: Kingdom Craft
Server Version: 1.10.2 craft bukkit
Player slots: */36

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