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Survival Creative PvP Mini Games Factions Legaal Versie 1.7.10


This server is a rather new server. Many things are still under construction.
We have several Parkours, a full iConomy, a shop, a pvparena, and some epic plugins that make the server more attractive.

Things that were working on: Adventuremap , hard and extreme parkour, more features in shop, more plugins...
Important plugins we use:

factions (with factionsplus)
smoketrails (following particles, even for normal members)
heroicdeath (original death messages)
moneymobs (get money from killing mobs and you can also gain money in our professional shop)
LWC (normal players can protect 1 chest or furnace or door or sign)
plotme (special creative world)
jukeloop (in combination with a modified servermusic pack.)
Dont come online and yell: Can I get staff? or Can I see the owner?
Then you probably wont get staff. People who play quietly and almost never ask something, will get staff.

We hope youll enjoy your time online. This server will try to add more/update the server daily/weekly.

Owner: Chrisisme125

Developer: tendriesjens (ook nederlandstalig.)

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