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Survival Creative PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.4.7


CraftDimension 24/7 - We all want to be part of it.

Welcome to CraftDimension, A friendly and active Minecraft Community. We are here to provide you with a High quality place to stay. We are runningour server on a high-powered dedicated server, so lagg should be quit minimal.
Our service and extensive knowledge ensures that you and you fellow Crafters will have a great time on CraftDimension. Come on down and give us a visit (and a diamond) at

- Server IP

Community Server information

- Visit our Website at and register on our forums.
- We have polls, news, updates and applications on our website.
- To keep our server UP consider to Donate and get special rank in-game
- Join our teamspeak/mumble server *coming soon*

Server information

this is what our server has to offer:

- Multiple world - Survival, Creative, Skylands, Space
- Free Chest protection - Protect doors, chests, furnace ect.
- Economy - in-game money to buy new goodies
- Quests - solve quests and earn in-game money/items
- Minigames - mazes, dungeons, spleef, race. Can you win?
- Events - from building to pvp events. all here.
- ingame shops - buy and sell
- ranks - Earn or buy in-game ranks.

join now at CDimension
the only thing you have to do is Sign up and join the server. thats all.

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