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On our server you live in a beautiful city with enough houses, skyscrapers, appartaments and enough things to explore. A big city but also with dangerous people. You can create your own gang or join one. You can grow your own drugs and earn money from it. Buy your own house maybe a villa. or your own gang building. We have enough different vehicles (cars, planes) to drive/fly in. We also have car races with rewards but thats not the only way to earn money. We also have a casino with live slots and blackjack tables. Kill people with our unique 3D weapons (NO MODS REQUIRED) and you can jump safely off from the highest buildings with a parachute (with a very smooth animation). You can also buy your own guard dogs and let them attack a specific person. We have our own server resourcepack to give you the best GTA experience on our server. Dont forget to take a look at our trailer ) See you soon.

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