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Survival PvP Factions Legaal Versie 1.7.9


You are looking at a new Minecraft server.
Divine Raids.
Brand new server and ready for players.
We have a few rules here on DR,


#1: No hacked clients.
#2: No Glitching of any sorts.
#3: No Griefing. (If you find something unprotected that should be protected, let a staff member know ASAP.)
#4: Ask a staff member for acceptable mods.
#5: Tell a staff member about and loop holes or exploits.
#6: Keep swearing and racism to a minimum please.
#7: No asking for ranks or items.
#8: No talking about DDoS or other servers ips
And last of all, have fun and enjoy our new server.

Staff is short, we are not accepting any applications, but we will be looking out.

Server IP:

Tell your friends, help us grow...

We have some cool plugins.
We have Factions and Auctions.
SilkSpawners and Player vaults (Donors only)

What are you waiting for?. Join us. :D

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