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Survival Mini Games Legaal Versie 1.7.9


Were a very friendly server ready to take our place in the Minecraft world and love having our players be part of the experience. We plan on keeping our no-grief server as happy as a place can be for all players enjoyment. We are slowly adding minigames to our survival server, as well as maintaining our protection plugins to keep our players and their posessions safe. As most of you know though, a server does have to be payed for, so we have donor ranks starting as low as $5, since anything helps. Thanks to all donors for your support. Its what keeps the server running. As for the rest of the server, which weve made 100% for the players, we should have everything you need to communicate with us and enjoy our server to its fullest. Events are monthly so be ready for those. The events will be posted a week in advance on the forums for every event. Welcome.
~The ZeroxSurvival staff

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