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Survival Legaal Versie 1.6.4


BerryCraft is a brand new feed the beast Server running on the DireWolf201.0.25 pack, Running on an 8gb Server.
Whitelisted, 0 Banned items, Only trusted members aloud.

Our goals:
There are not many servers out there that have 0 banned items and a powerful enough server to handle a small community of players and everything they want to build, on BerryCraft we want all of our members to be able to play without the fear of being greifed/raided
We want to have a small-medium community that enjoys Feed The Beast and enjoys helping others in the fields that they have more experience.

So come and join us on BerryCraft The only thing you need to is message one of the owners which are me myself(Arranms96) and Liam(IOnlyUseMyFists) on Skpye to request being added to the whitelist our skype user names are:

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