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Creative PvP Factions Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.8.1


Welcome To The ExonCraft Network: 1.8.The ExonCraft Network is a medium sized server with lots to do, As of this posting we have 2 worlds: Towny, And Survival. This is so you can build an amazing empire in one world, then build your mansion in the survival world, so you can protect your towns builds without them bumping into each other. There are many other neat things to do, with new features and plugins added all the time. You can fly planes, Check Our Live Map To View your amazing builds, Battle Mobs In Our Mob Arenas, Level Up In McMMO, Bet it all in the ExonLottery, Fight Like Katniss In our Survival Games Arenas, And theres So Much More. ExonCraft Values giving base members more commands then other servers, for example, we unlike most servers allow members to use the back command. Dont like night we have a plugin that allows YOU to choose if night comes or not. Another thing about the ExonCraft Network is that we have a great community. Our players who will help you out with any problems you might have, Our staff are selected based on their experience kindness, our Team is a great knowledge base from help with commands to starting a town, Our Team can help you do it.Whether your looking for a nice server to simply build with your friends, or a server to build and expand your empire, or anything in between, The ExonCraft Network is waiting for you.

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