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Survival PvP Mini Games Factions Hardcore Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.12.2



RexCraftia is a custom designed one-of-a-kind factions & PvE server. With over 9 years of up time, we have curated our plugins to be more unique than any other custom factions out there.

We have an abundance of custom plugins, it would take hours to list every feature we offer, but heres just a few of them:

Over 1,500 unique weapons (Artifacts) and armor all complete with special abilities & effects ⭐ these items are split into themed crates allowing for millions of PvP combinations
Special bosses all including unqiue abilities and rewards 💎
AFK money generators - every minute counts.⭐
Many scheduled events spanning from Kit PVP tournaments to Parkour & Mazes.💎
Daily auto-drop parties custom coded to intertwine with our artifacts & crates ⭐
Many crazy dungeons themed with hundreds of different enemies with scaling difficulty and rewards💎
Custom terrain generator used add hundreds of new biomes with a much smoother world and heavily detailed landscapes ⭐
Artipot, Coin Flip and Flower Game gambling is enabled again.⭐
Minigames like Mob Arena - a zombies style game mode for killing infinite waves of our custom enemies, using custom made guns.💎
Regular updates and balancing changes from a heavily dedicated staff & dev teams⭐

There is absolutely UNLIMITED progression with our plugins - we release new updates practically every week along with in game events & huge drop parties. Fully customized mobs paired with customized weaponry revolutionizes the PvP experience, meaning there is always something to do. Whether it be completing dungeons for rewards, or fighting boss mobs at extravagantly crafted castles, you are guaranteed a truly memorable rexperience.

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