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Survival Creative PvP Factions Legaal Versie 1.7.10


The staff would like to welcome you all to XSploit Servers. There will be multiple places you can go.

Clash of Crafters (Clash of Clans in Minecraft)
Simitar Factions & Creative
Nova SkyBlock, Prison, & Kit PvP.

You can donate to all the servers by going under the "Customer Support" button and clicking "Network Donor".

Network Donor will give you the lowest donation rank on ALL the servers with ALL the ranks benefits.

To get points you can get Awards. Awards will give you crap loads of points. One Award is "Helpful Player". It will give you 50,000 points (one time only). Its requirements are:

Sign up to website and become a registered user.
You have been a member of the website for 30 days.
You have +250 Fame/likes (- all the same).
You have verified a Minecraft PC character to enjin.
You already have over 20,000 points.

Everytime someone gives you a +1 Fame/Like you get +500 Points.

If you have over 500 Forum posts on the website you will receive the "Diplomat" ward and 10,000 points.

If youve hive +1000 Fame/Likes you get the "Famous Person" Award with 24,500 points.


Vote for the server and get 3,000 points daily.

Thank you,
---==[XSploit Staff Team]==---

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