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Creative Mini Games Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.7.9


Here at Gempire Freebuild, your builds are kept safe and youre free to have fun. Right at spawn you have instant access to creative mode.

In order to progress further through the ranks, you need to post your IGN (In game name) on the Minecraft Forums. You also need to pick the type of ranking youd like to do.

We currently offer ranks for:

Building. (Houses, mansions, cities, castles, or anything of that nature.)
Pixel Art. (From 2D pictures to 3D models.)
Terraforming. (Large mountains, lakes, or anything scenic. If you want to be ranked for this with houses of any sort, you need to pick building instead.)
And last but not least, Redstone. (Doors, farms, lights, and anything else of that sort are NOT accepted)

Once you get in game, there are a few things you should know.

1. We do NOT block ANY blocks, other than TNT and lit beacons. You have instant access to them, no matter what rank you are.
2. All of your builds are instantly protected from the moment you start building them.
3. We have MANY more features coming. Spleef, Capture the Flag, PvP arenas, a biomes world, and a plot world are just a few of those. Stay tuned.

We are currently in an open beta, so please feel free to report any bugs you encounter to Embry.
We offer a friendly, drama free community, and so much more. Ill see you there.

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