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Survival PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.3.2



Basic info:
You are jailed in Godz penitentiary, and you have to earn money to get Free.
You will start as a C-prisoner, and you can mine, and chop tree\'s to earn money for your next rank: B-prisoner.
That will cost you $15,000. After that you unlock a new block with new mines and some extra luxury. That\'s the way how you have to survive! Unlock new perks and new mines every rank!


C-prisoner: (Default)
This is the default rank, you have to earn money by mining in the Stone Quarry.
The other way to earn money is to try your skills in PvP!
You also have acces to the Tree Farm.
By selling your mined or cutted blocks, you can earn Dollars. With that money you can buy a chest,
rent a cell, or just rankup, by using the command: /rankup. That will automatic remove $15,000
from your balance, but then you are a B-prisoner

B-prisoner: (15,000)
Congratulations on your progress!
You are now a B-prisoner! To support you in your hard life, we made some luxury, you now have access to the B-pool! You can swim here but also Fishing to help you earning money. You also can earn money in two different places: the Sandstone Quarry and the Dirt Yard,where you can mine Sandstone, Gold, and even Diamonds! You can dig many dirt in the dirt yard.
This all will help you to earn easily that 35,000 you are left from the next rank!

A-prisoner: (35,000)
You are only two ranks left from Free!
With acces to the Netherrack Mine. And the Fishing Guild. You will rank up soon! with in the middle a PvP Arena and NO GUARDS it is easily to kill people, and earn some cool stuff! Only two rank left!

Elite-prisoner: (65,000)
This is life! with a super luxe design, NO PvP, NO guards, you can finally live! you have acces to the 2 BEST mines in the complete prison! the Ender Mine and the Snow Mine are ready to get mined by you!
You are only one rank left from Free!

Free: (100.000)
Now you can leave the prison, and discover the wild! After a hard life of work you are finnaly free! now you can discover the world!

Server Rules:
(Breaking these will result in a kick or ban)
No mods or hacked clients
No spamming
No abusing server glitches/bugs
No advertising (Warning then ban)
Prison Rules:
(Breaking these may result in temporary confinement or solitary, but will not result in a kick or ban)
Do not attack other prisoners/guards.
A Guard will kill all who attack regardless of who started it.
Attacking: Results in jail time
No killing the same Guard 3 times in a row
Results in jail time
No starting 5+ fights in a short timespawn
Never be in possession of contraband items.
A Guard will count down from 5.
If you do not hand it over, the following will happen:
In a PVP-Zone: The guard will attack
In a Non-PVP Zone: Results in jail time
Do not camp Non-PVP areas
No waiting outside any Non-PVP area to kill other users
Results in jail time
Do not abuse PVP zones
No attacking a user who is in a PVP zone while standing in a Non-PVP zone.
No using potions in Non-PVP
No hopping back and forth between PVP and Non-PVP while a Guard is counting
No running into Non-PVP during a Guard fight- guard will count to 5
Plots and warp signs are treated as Non-PVP zones
All will result in Jail time
Do not grief mines/other areas in which you can build
Destroying saplings in Tree Farm:
Results in jail time
Placing Lava
May result in a temporary ban (2-3 hours)

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