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Survival Creative Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.3.2


Server Name: Minecraft-Today
Gamemodes: At minecraft-Today we have 24/7 survival, PVP, creative, CTF, Hungergames And a Contest world (creative) for ingame prices builds are judged by MineNeMeMA
Description: Minecraft-Today is a New Bukkit Server with the game modes listed Above Its mainly a Survival Server But you can do all! The server uses Economy and Chestshops For a Fun economy based survival world! What is CTF? CTF stands for capture the flag a minigame in our server Where you capture the enemy\'s flag and return it to your own base! Once you won a Match You get rewarded! We Use logblock to catch griefers so with us all your builds are safe! The Server doesnt have Much players yet but We have to start somewhere!
Just the Basic Rules: No griefing, hacking, swearing, advertising, Cheating, spamming
Essentials, Logblock, MultiVerse, survivalgames, capture the flag, Citizens, Chestshops, and many More!
Owners: MineNeMeMA
Admins: Stryker1097 Zaveion
Moderators: Lewboi100 (Awesome Sponsor!) Weeaa
image of the spawn:
We Hope to See you Soon! Minecraft-Today Team

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