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Survival PvP Mini Games Factions Legaal Versie 1.2.5


Join us at: Welcome to Catalyst-MC, at Catalyst-MC we aim to be the CATALYST of your creativity. Catalyst-MC uses a 64gb server that is pretty much lag free 99% of the time.

Our server runs Multiverse and is setup so you can play peaceful [PvE], aggressive hard-core factions [PvP] or Skyblock. And if that isnt enough, enjoy the mini games we have to offer, including mazes, war, mob arena, and MORE.

You could chose to play in our PvE world. Here you can build in safety, land cannot be griefed when using the gold shovel claim [griefprevention], you can fight in the PvENether or PvEEnd and have a nice, calm, relaxing experience. Ingame: /warp PvE

You may choose our hard-core pvp/raid server, where players can raid, grief and steal from anyone. Player can bound together and make factions and conquer their enemies, very few rules here... it really is anarchy. Ingame: /warp PvP

Or you could simply chose to have your own little pie in the sky, and live on a island all by yourself, expanding it until one day it is your very dream sky castle. You could even do this with your friends. Ingame: /warp skyblock

Better yet. Why not play on them all. Yes you can do that here. You can play on anyworld and swap at anytime, by simply doing /spawn and going to the /warp pve, /warp pvp or using the information at /warp skyblock and making your own island.. Furthermore weve made it so that each mode tracks it own progress so items cannot be shared between them, so its like having 3 servers in just one.

There are very few rules on our server and all can be viewed using /rules. We have a range of donation options available for those who wish to support our server.

We encourage players to vote and help develop and maintain a friendly community which is built on trust and co-operation. We hope you wish to join us too.

If you want more information, join our server and ask for a MOD first THEN a admin. We are friendly :D

Plugins: - essentials - Essentials pex - factions - faction chat - world guard - world boarder - world edit - multiverse - griefprevention - war - mob arena - etc.

Server specs: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1650 0 @ 3.20GHz 64gb Ram 64-bit Operating system

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