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Survival Creative PvP Factions Legaal Versie 1.7.9


GBCraft is a FUN FACTIONS SERVER. Factions is a gamemode where you form teams called factions with your friends and compete with other factions across the server in Pvp Battles. While building up your own factions base and making it hidden from the enemy you are also permitted to search for others bases and grief or raid them. As well as the factions plugin the server includes a fun pvp arena with lives and a team mode. A mob arena and also essentials signs economy with a large shopping centre. We have a fast team of staff who try to keep downtime to a minimum and I am on the server often to help. If no Mod is on the server just post your question on the website (link below) and i will get back to you as soon as possible. The server also includes ranks. The longer you stay on the server and abide by the rules the higher the rank you get and the higher the rank, the more commands you have access to. We do not have many rules but it is important that you follow the few rules we have and punishments range from Kicking to a full Ban. Our staff are friendly and helpful. Though it is mainly a Factions server we also have fun gamemodes such as SKYBLOCK, PURESURVIVAL, CREATIVE and PVP/MINIGAMES.

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