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Welcome to the advertisement thread

Teamspeak 3 Ip: Website : Server ip :

Info about the server:

This server is made by me and my cousin because we where playing a server (whitelisted) and he shutdown the server within 1 week of up time so we decided to make our own server.

We dont like to make a difficult server i hate big buildings on spawn and more stuff so we kept it simple.

If you dont like the banned items you can always buy member we did this because we want the server to run by itself (money from donations or packages goes back into the server)


SimpleHome (3 homes Max) Anti-Cheat Hawkeye McMyAdmin Griefprotection


1# No griefing / hacking

2# No stealing

3# Dont share member items to non members

4# Cursing is allowed but to a mximum so dont over do it.

5# Handle everyone with respect

Some items are banned like :

All Turtles

Mining Lazer

Matter Cannon

All Landmines

Arcane Bore

Crane Control

Book Binder

Descriptive Book

Writing Desk



All poppets

Poppet shelf

All steves Carts Drills

Tunnel Bore

All Portal Guns

Wrath Lamp

All Sentry Turrets

High Energy Pellet Launcher

Wand Focus of Equal Trade

All Drawbridges

Gravity gun


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