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Survival Creative PvP Legaal Votifier Server Versie 1.7


Thankyou for taking intrest in our 24/7 server.
PRISON IS NOW OPEN............
Here is the description:

Our towny server offers a twist on the usual pvp/grief/raid server, with enough power to hold upto 1000 players, and the bungee proxy, were happy to say that the towny server is deffinitely a choice server to play on.
You can get into the towny server easily by either doing /server towny or going through the portal in the spawn.
We offer a treasury of pvp lovers galore, with a stable economy, anti grief plugin with explosives and pvp forced on in a town, raiding is a spectacular go for this server.
Thanks to our stable economy, We can ensure you a great time utilising our market stalls.

Skyblock is a PvE (Player vs Environment) Non pvp/grief/raid server with a user friendly player shop, no lag and enjoyably small playerbase.
The lag is reduces by seperating skyblock from other servers using the BungeeCord proxy, allowing you to navigate freely between any server using one command.
You can get to skyblock easily by doing /server skyblock or going through the portal in the hub.
Skyblocks are worldguarded, meaning only YOU and people YOU invite can build on them.
To add to the fun, our skyblock server even has challenges.
Thanks to the stable economy, this skyblock server offers a fun challenge to all users, and is deffinitely users choice.

Our prison server has tons of features, that make it COMPLETELY different to other prison servers, from great donor ranks, Prison ranks going from A-L To keep you busy, You can even buy your freedom and buid in a no-protection world. We also have drugs for donors, rentable jail cells, a beautifull spawn, user friendly, fun and a great challenge, once you are free you can get Guard and gard the prison from crazy prisoners.

--==([CREATIVE PLOTS])==--
Our creative server is currently indev and to be released soon.

Our kitpvp server is indev and to be released soon

--==([DONOR RANKS])==--
Emeraldcraft Networks offers automated donor ranks, that are not TO O.P, but are well worth the money and reasonably cheap.

We support CPS And will prevent any abusive behavior of any kind towards players on our server, With us you are secure from abuse. Also, All your hardwork on playerdata is saved securely on a backup cloud, and RAID SDDs. We also have a 256Bit SSL Data Encryption.
Join now and be secure.

I hope to see you online

DNet senior management team.

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