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Survival Legaal Versie 1.7.9


CharlieCraft is now 1.7.9

New Server Setup + Fresh map for 1.7

Everything on the server is protected. If you are griefed you can submit a grief report on our website and an admin will come roll it back. Players can also join or create towns to protect their own land and the land of their friends or others.

Casual Build Server:
While survival is still the main focus of the server, there are lots of features in place to make life a bit easier for everyone.

Players can use Towny to protect their buildings. Towny also offers a fully customizable permission system that mayors can use to control who does what inside their towns. Let everyone build for free, sell plots, taxes and all that. It is fully up to the Mayor to decide how their town is run.

Players are able to sell certian items to the server to gain money. Money is used to upgrade ones town, trade with other players, and upgrade your extra backpack.

Optional PvP:
World PvP is off, but players can enable pvp inside their own towns and create arena&#39s if they choose. So you will not have to worry about getting killed by other players. Unless you want to.

Extra Backpack:
Players have an extra inventory accessible via the /backpack command. This space is upgradeable with the in game currency.

Shop GUI:
Our new Shop GUI helps remove the need for players to learn all the commands needed to get around on the server. Now players can simply open the shop with a single command /shop. Most of the servers featuers and functions can be called upon via the in game shop GUI.

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