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Survival Creative Cracked Versie 1.7.4


Hi there. Before you press that back button, can I have your attention for a few minutes? It wont go a waste, trust me. :D

We are yet another Minecraft Server, so you must be asking yourself "Why must I join this one? There are hundreds.". Well, read on to find out.

A Brief About Our Server-

Our server has various worlds and plugins to give players an excellent experience. We are mainly a Survival server but we also provide some other features such as Mini-Games. We have a very good hardware and IT team who make sure that the server is running at the best possible condition.

Here are some of the main features that you may find interesting. -

We have a special and exclusive feature - "Treasure hunt", there are many sponges hidden around the spawn, if you find them, you get a BIG present. What could it be? TnT, Slimeballs or Dirt? Okay, we are kidding about the dirt, but its all random. There are also various other Easter eggs around the spawn. If you find them, you have bragging rights over your friends.

We know players sometimes get board playing just survival, thats why we have PVP Arenas and games like Connect-4 at our Hub Spawn.

In the survival server, we have a very homely spawn, not something too fancy or anything of that kind. Its completely different from the rest. Plain homes and beautiful structures. I guess thats worth paying a visit right?

We are in process of making a "Mini-Games" world. In this, there will be games which you might have never heard of before. From Horse Parkour to Land Mine Race, its the best experience you will ever get in a Minecraft Server.

We have events every now and then. Once we have a games world, we also plan to make a "Sports day" soon. If you win, you will get something that will be hard to get or something that is impossible to get in Survival.

Those were just a brief outline of what we can provide, there are tons of more features and cool stuff. You will have to pay a visit to find out. :D


Rules pay a very important role in a server. Our rules are very optimized. We dont ban for stupid things like "Killn teh ownr no good losrz". We are trying to make a good community by having a good rule set.

So here they are-

Be respectful
No insulting, racism, or any other form of disrespect.

Use commonsense
If you need to question what youre doing, you probably shouldnt do it.

No Unfair Mods
These include any mods that alter the way the game works such as xray, speed, fly, etc.

No bug Abuse
If youre not supposed to be able to do something, then dont do it. Simple.

No Spamming
This is obvious - Do. Not. Spam.

No Griefing
Whether its protected or not, do not mess with someone elses buildings / areas.

No One Block Towers
Do not build one by one towers as they not only dont serve any purpose but also makes the world look ugly. If you want to make an one block tower, ask an admin first and if you reason looks legit, we will allow you to make one.

No Advertising
Advertising other servers will result in your immediate and permanent ban.

You might wanna know who we are and what makes us special so heres a quick "About us"...

At Stoned Gaming Network, we believe that having FUN is everything. Thats why we aim at creating new stuff every now and then and keeping the servers at top-notch conditions for quality gameplay. We are here to make a cool community, so we are always looking out for players who are willing to contribute towards a better community. As a survival server, we try to keep the gameplay as close to survival as possible, while taking care that our players dont face any problems. We also have a good staff who are always ready to help people in case they need any help. We ourselves being gamers, we know what a gamer looks for in a gaming community and we aim to keep up to that level. Join us today and enjoy an gaming experience you wont find anywhere else.

If you read this post and enjoyed even a bit of what you read, we strongly suggest giving our server a visit. We wont disappoint you.

IP & Website:

This Adventure, Is Upto You.

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